Patio is an Aries, an Aquarius, and a Capricorn, two Schaefers and a Tecate, and two engineers and an editor.

Over the last four years, New York’s Patio (Alice Suh, Lindsey-Paige McCloy, Loren DiBlasi) have crafted a signature sound of minimal post-punk that radiates throughout their debut record, Essentials, out April 5 via Fire Talk.

Patio formed when non-musician Loren DiBlasi met actual musician Lindsey-Paige McCloy, and a simple joke about outdoor day drinking turned into a real-life band. The duo was soon joined by Alice Suh, a college friend of McCloy’s who had recently started drum lessons.

Instantly, the trio’s informal jams became sparse, melodic songs that grew organically from elegant rhythms, ethereal singing, and punk-inspired chants. In 2016, Birdtapes released their Luxury EP, 5 tracks of boredom, frustration, and mid-20s malaise.

Inspired by classic British post-punk, the songwriting of Cate LeBon, and the close-knit Brooklyn DIY community from which the band first sprouted, Patio now release their long-awaited debut full-length Essentials, a fundamental collection of new music for 2019.

Building upon the delicacy of the band’s prior work, Essentials presents fuller sounds, heightened emotions, and grander thematic complexity. Its 10 tracks are dark and introspective, yet hopeful, and often humorous—from rambling spoken word meditations to sparkling melodies and soaring riffs. Melodramatic and grotesque expressions abound, as do soft, subtle moments of quiet self-examination.


Photographer: Bao Ngo

Photographer: Ankita Mishra